A side we’ve never heard about

Poop smothered as if it was normal to be around ,sweat dripping from every single “creature” ,a soul leaving a body ,an astonishing loud scream of hope in every eye. Stage one was in bold letters,it had a red tint to it. It catched my eye but the color meant nothing to me the picture that was below it had more meaning than anything else.I flipped the page and there was Stage Two. Cows being beaten by their master, pushed into packs,wishing they could run into the wilderness.They weren’t cows. They were humans. 400 of them to be exact piled in a train box for 72 hours. I was startled to see all of this going on only for one reason and one reason only humans aren’t cows. We have rights. We came into this world to make a difference not to have a master. To be able to sleep in comfortable beds not be shared with 400 other roommates. To be able to eat 3 meals a day not a piece of bread. Cows are exactly how they were being treated like. I turned the page. Stage three. Barbed wire every corner,blue and gray uniforms with star of david printed on the left side, moms being torn aways from their beloved children,soldiers branding each person that entered. So many things going on at once it was hard to catch the gist or what was going on because each action being taken was special. Special as it will never be forgotten because the image was appalling. Till this day the imaged is still pasted in to my mind as if I would’ve seen it 2 minutes ago. Sadly that wasn’t the end. Stage three to be continued.  Bones were everywhere. Sticking out of each persons bare skin as if by touch they would burst into sand. Now that is what starvation really is. Each person was tortured. They were each given one piece of bread a day. Not only was starvation the only sickness going around tuberculosis,AIDS,stomach flu,etc. No one had energy to move. Even though they all lived an appalling life I noticed that there eyes was something that never changed; they all had the same spark of hope. They all knew they were going to die but they didn’t want to be negative. The image spoke to me in a way none of the other image could because  the hope they had has been able to carry on  throughout the stages. Stage four. Death. Dead is how most of them all ended. Stacked on top of one another as if they were pounds of dust just thrown with not a care in the world. Of course they didn’t just end up dead, they were tricked.Happiness was shown all over the image which was very ironic. They were going into a special chamber to “shower.” They weren’t going to shower. They weren’t going to eat.They weren’t going home. They were going to die in a gas chamber. These gas chambers were used to kill of multiple Jews at once.Fair is something that was not used towards the Jews. They were starved,beaten,branded,shaved,treated like animals just to die in the end. This time in era will never be forgotten. We can’t let it be forgotten.It brought so many deaths more than anyone had ever seen. All these images were part of the unforgettable WW2. “The Germans were the cause of this turmoil ! “ the tour guy exclaimed.  The stunning part about was that he wasn’t the only human being that still felt this way. Statistics show that till this day 75 percent of the human race still hold hatred towards the Germans. Where all the Germans bad though? or Is that what we are being told?

download (4)World War II was a crucial war in the heart of many people because it consisted of many deaths, hatred, and imperialism. Hitler and his army rose against the Allies to try to take over the world.He knew in order to be successful he needed to demolish his weakness, which were handicap,gays,and Jews.Since the start of the war to the end there was an estimation that approximately 5,709,329 Jews were killed. Because of Hitler most humans conjectured that all Germans were evil. News articles,news reports,radio,etc every single type of media only said the worst about the Germans. For example not to long ago CNN made a report dedicated to Holocaust “ Diseases spread, branded like animals,rarely fed,…etc” Jew survivor Joseph Sher claimed.  Not all Germans were corrupt though. There is a side no one has seen of this war because media never let it be saw.

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An international story that media allowed to be known till this day is Anne Frank. Her family was helped out by four of her fathers employees. The main one is Meip Gieps. She allowed herself to not be forgotten she wrote her own book called Anne Frank Remembered. In her novel she states “But even an ordinary secretary or a housewife or a teenager can, within their own small ways, turn on a small light in a dark room.”(Miep Gies)She knew she had made such a great impact not only the Frank family but to the world by letting this family be able to survive as long as they could. Another one of the four helpers was a man by the name of Victor Kugler. Otto Frank wrote in his biography “During the hiding period Mr. Kugler came to our hiding place just about everyday. He brought newspapers, magazines, and other necessities.” ( Otto Frank) It is certain that Victor Kugler must have gone through some tough obstacles in order for him to be able to do this favor for the Frank family for two years. The third employee was also a women with the name of Bep Voskuijl. He had been working for Otto Frank since 1938. Anne Frank states how she loved it every time Bep came over because she always brought her “flowers, fruit or a celebrity photograph. They also enjoyed discussing the glamorous movies stars of the day.” (The Diary of Anne Frank) Bep made Anne feel like she wasn’t stuck in a building all day and that is the most cherishable thing you can do for a person that feels like they don’t exist; Anne felt this all the time.. All these three employees were heros during WW2 because they made a difference even if it was only with one family. But were they the only heros? There was many other germans who made a difference but they aren’t recognized as much as these three are.

downloadA  very important hero who isn’t that recognized for her nice gratitude is Irena Sendler. The article of  Irena Sendler states that Miep Gies was not the only valuable german during the war Irena Sendler was also well known, she helped save up to 2,500 Jewish children during WW2 . She accomplished this by “creating an underground organization helping Jews, to smuggle children out of the Warsaw ghetto and to help find foster homes for them. She kept scrupulous records of the children’s actual and false identities” (Jars of Secrets.) She was providing them with false documents and sheltering them in homes outside the ghetto. What helped her out a lot was that she had a special permit to enter the Warsaw Ghetto. She was eventually caught and was terribly tortured by the Germans but still continued to do what was the right thing to do.

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A man who also risked his life was Georg Ferdinand Duckwitz he was a member of the German forces during this time period. He created a plan which happened like this “ 1943, in the German occupied Denmark, the Danes find out – thanks to Georg F. Duckwitz, a courageous German maritime attaché – that all 7,500 Danish Jews are about to be rounded up and deported to the Nazi death camps. The Danish people make their own decision: it’s not going to happen.”  (Louis Bulow)  The plan was successful but it also caused his death. George knew his death was coming but knowing that he still risked his life .

download (3)Another great hero during this time period who was actually a soldier of the British army by the name of Charles Coward. His biography states that he “ rescued Jews from Auschwitz and smuggled himself into Auschwitz for one night, subsequently testifying about his experience at the Nuremberg Trials and the IG Farben Trial.”( Motive) Not many soldiers would have the guts to go inside Auschwitz knowing it was the worst concentration camp during that time period. Always these six people are someone you can  truly be able to admire or be called heroes. Even though half of them a barely even recognized they still made a difference and someones life causing all germans to not be considered evil.

Teenagers in this century need to be taught  both sides of history instead of automatically being bias towards one race. Not only will it help students get a better understanding of the war but it will help them become better people in general. Everything doesn’t have to be about choosing one side you can simply choose no side. It’s not our fault that we always choose a side it’s just the way past generations have been taught to resolve problems. Media plays a big role in this too by choosing to expose the same side instead of trying to expose a different side that the public has never seen. For example I bet not a lot of people even knew about the 6 people I described. Which is not okay because they deserve to be recognized. We as people need  to change our mindsets towards the world. Not only will more people be able to be recognized for their incredible actions but we won’t always have the belief that the most heard side of the story is always the right side.


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Reading Assessment


Most people believe reading is over rated. I believe reading is a task that requires stamina and strength. At one point I used to be one of those people;reading was always a have to not an I want to. On the first day of Ap English 3 Mrs. Rasmussen first words were ” You will become a writer and in order do that you will be required to read 200 pages a week which will count for 15 percent of your grade.” Since that moment on I knew this class was going to be a challenge since reading has never been part of my life but I was ready to take the challenge. As the year went by my reading stamina increased so much from reading 24 pages in an hour to reading 48 pages in an hour. Reading became a pleasure to me a way to discover new countries and travel instead of worrying that it was mandatory. It aided me to become a  better person because I got the opportunity to love something that I used to despise so much. I become more aware of what is going on around the world and get to hear other people’s point of view on religion,history,theories,ect. Reading showed me that you can acquire anything you put your mind too.

As I stated before I was never a big fan of reading but I was determined to become one. At the beginning of the year  we were asked to create a reading goal mine was to read 15 books by the end of the year. I viewed that as an impossible. How was I going to read 15 books when I could barely even read 3 in a year? Shockingly I missed my goal by 2 book. I persevered myself throughout the year to be able to obtain my goal and even though I didn’t reach it but I am still proud of how much I have grown as a reader. I read books that were confusing, books that made me cry, books that were so dull I found no interest but in the end they all had  a different personality. I am glad to say I never abandoned a book this year because even from the dullest book I learned something new from it.  These are the books I have read this year listed in order from easiest to most complex.

1) How to Win friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

2) An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

3) Looking for Alaska by John Green

4) Deadline by Chris Crutcher

5) Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley

6)Divergent by Veronica Roth

7)Insurgent by Veronica Roth

8)Little Bee by Chris Cleave

9)Room by Emma Donoghue

10)Animal Farm by George Orwell

11) The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

12) The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

13) The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson

11529868   I put this specific book at the bottom of my list because it gave my group and I the hardest time during Book Club. The wording was so complex and there was too much detail which made it hard for us to understand what was going on. The worst part was that none of us knew anything about the war North vs South Korea. What helped us out a lot was that we had each other because we were able to understand the book as a group instead of having to do it on our own. Throughout the week we would mark up our book on certain pages that we saw the author use specific diction,metaphors,parallel structure and on Friday during book club we would discuss what we noticed. I think because of this novel I have became a better writer because it actually made me dig between the lines and get a better understanding of a different writing technique  that I had never seen before. I liked the last book club the most because it helped me grow as a writer and the other ones mostly helped me grow as a reader. Overall this novel expanded my knowledge in different ways with its complexity so I can say I don’t regret reading this novel.

The second book that gave me  trouble was The Scarlet Letter. I thought this one would’ve been  more difficult since it was written in old time literature but what helped me out was that I knew the history in this time period. I have learned that novels which include history as back up story end up being more complicated if you don’t know the history because you don’t know the reasons why the actions are taking place. The rest of the novels from 11 through 1 were rated on the different structures that were used. For example Little Bee  and Room both included multiple perspectives of the characters in the novel. This technique made it agonizing for me because I would have to remember the perspectives of the characters about the dilemma that was occurring. Honestly I would’ve wished I got the chance to read more complex novels but going from reading 3 books to 13 is a great improvement which I am very proud of.

41r-sKjJ61L   My favorite novel that I got the chance to read this year was Looking for Alaska. This book is categorized as young adult fiction which means its complexity isn’t so complex. I could relate so much to it because I once was an outsider who had to start a new school. Certainly I did not end up making the decisions that Alaska made but it was good to be able to read what another person would’ve done in that type of situation. John Green did a great job of characterizing the characters with a modern teenagers by using the same obstacles that most teenagers today has have to go through. Since John Green used this technique I believe that all teenagers could relate to in there own way. I highly recommend this novel because it’s an easy read and you get to visit another teenagers life who you’ve never met before.


I found quote that I believed described my reading life this year ” It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.” Reading helped me find myself. Before I would never know what to read because I didn’t know what I was interested in but now I do. I could go to a library and know what genre I will or wont like. Part of the reason I got to find my interest is because we got the choice to choose what books we got to read. Overall my reading life has progressed so much this year which has helped my writing sound more professional with different techniques that I’ve copied  from other authors. Reading has now become a want to not an I have to in my life.





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The United States is most recognized for allowing their citizens to have the freedom of life,liberty,and freedom of speech. But what if it didn’t always used to be like this? Imagine a world filled with discrimination,disgust, disaster,darkness where not a bit  sunlight could creep by.  It only took one action to let the sun out.

Rosa Parks experienced this world-who led the civil rights legislation of American History- she stood up against a white man by refusing to give up her seat.

     Most historians date the beginning of the modern civil rights movement in the United States to December 1, 1955. That was the day when an unknown seamstress in Montgomery, Alabama refused to give up her bus seat to a white passenger. This brave woman, Rosa Parks, was arrested and fined for violating a city ordinance, but her lonely act of defiance began a movement that ended legal segregation in America, and made her an inspiration to freedom-loving people everywhere.creep by. As well as some viewed her as an inspirational women others viewed her as an out law who deserves to be in jail or even dead. White men would follow her around trying to assassinate her. There was even one man who left her homeless. Flames getting higher and higher as if they were reaching for the heavens. Life isn’t easy knowing the you worst enemies surround you. She has always been asked “why didn’t you just give up your seat?” she responded  “I would like to be remembered as a person who wanted to be free… so other people would be also free.” Courage can not only change one person but a whole population.

Courage is not something we are born with it takes maturity,wisdom,and knowledge to be able to have it. It is not easy. Websters dictionary says courage  quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear;bravery.” Rosa Parks is perfect example of courage. She took a stand against an over ruling population knowing she faced many consequences. She wasn’t an actress,singer,or priest but all it took courage. Courage can be found everywhere.

   Sometimes we doubt ourselves into believing that we can’t make a change but truth is that we can. As long as we still have a beating heart anything is possible all it takes is courage. Not only do we have Rosa Parks to thank for showing us this but we have Coco Chanel, Susan B. Anthony, Helen keller,etc. If they could make a difference by exposing their courage so can we. 

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Who do we blame ?

It’s your fault your son has truancy for not going to school anymore.

The love a parent has for their child is un-describable. They will personally take the blame for their actions to not see their child suffer through any sort of pain. The question is though does doing this benefit them  ?

Andrew Walker a parent of a 16 year old teenager was sent to jail because his child did not attend school for 3 consecutive months. The responsibility went straight to Andrew because he didn’t want to see his son in jail. Journalist criticized his ideas claiming he was an “idiot”,”bad parenting”,”weak”. All he had to say was “Only a parent will understand my pain.” Even though he didn’t want to go visit his son behind steal bars, he didn’t benefit his son. His son is still out there in the world getting into more mischief -you can’t keep out of jail forever- Andrew can’t baby his son for the rest of his life because he isn’t letting him learn what responsibility means and what it takes to gain it. One day he’s going to have to let the bird out of the cage and not be able to look back because it’s his son fault is he gets into any trouble and Andrew should be able to move forward with his life without feeling guilt.

No one can be responsible for someone else. Not even how much it will hurt to you to see them fall. Responsibility is being able to take charge of your own actions and owning up to any consequences that comes with it. Responsibility can only be gain through wisdom . If most teenagers in this generation keep letting our parents put excuses for us what are we going to do when aren’t around anymore? This is the reason why our generation is always criticized by the media but its time for a change to be done. Excuses need to be thrown away in the trash and responsibility needs to be taken in order to become a better future.


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Coping is one of the hardest things humans have to learn to handle with. Most commonly some of us tend to cry but in rare cases others tend to make humor out of there misery. Regardless of what our method of coping is; coping is what makes us human. It helps us become stronger individuals in this society.

Society is full of relationships whether it is boyfriend and girlfriend,daughter and father,or boy and dog . Relationships are all over the place. There comes a day were that relationship ends and your whole life turn barren as a winters day. Ashley Clark was in a happily relationship for over 5 years,she hoped to some day marry the kid. One day while Ashley was walking into her boyfriends room she saw a horrific image. Her boyfriends neck was holding on to the fan right above him. It was suicide. Ashley was found in that same room two days later. Not only was her body found but there was a letter. “Coping with a life without you is too hard spending eternity with you is easier” Ashley said. Ashley picked the easy route but coping is not mean for it to be easy. It is a process coping comes first then normality.

“Time has no meaning” Redford.

Having feelings of sorrow is perfectly, but when we let it stop us from doing the things we love doesn’t that block us from being human? Our interests and hobbies are what make us, us; so when we put our lives on hold we may still be breathing, but it doesn’t mean we are living and functioning beings. When we learn how to live and handle those feelings, isn’t that what truly makes us human?



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Civil Humanity

Nobody’s perfect. Not even if you have that perfect “coca cola bottle body”,not even if your face is acne free,not even if you are the smartest person in the world, not even if you are the richest person on earth. It’s not because God didn’t love us enough to make us all perfect,it’s not because you don’t try hard enough,it’s not because luck isn’t on your favor. It’s simply because we aren’t meant to be perfect.

In 2012 a girl by the name of Amanda Todd was only a 16 year old girl was bullied since the age of 7. Kids putting notes in her locker,following her home,beat her up while calling her a” whore,easy,loosey, goosey” She knew she wasn’t perfect that she had made a mistake by sending that man nudes-who apparently struggles with nothing- thought it would be funny to do these things till the day she ended on her deathbed. Amanda Todd was found in a river in Canada after more than half her life being bullied by kids who think there life is so perfect. That same year Tyler Clementi, Jessica Logan, Ryan Halligan,and many more teenagers were found dead because of bullying.

Now when did it become okay for kids who aren’t perfect to bully other kids who aren’t perfect either? Civil humanity is becoming a demotic society who doesn’t think about other peoples feelings like if feelings could repair themselves by placing a piece of tape over it. We wish it was that easy. Maybe they do these things because they have the easy life,maybe because they think it’s funny,maybe because it’s the easy route to take. But this is simply being immature.

Civil humanity needs structure,some sort of rues that will make sure kids don’t bully each other if not kids will continue on to believe that this sort of composure is okay.  An example of changes communities could start doing is by having more “No Bullying” programs. There has been statistics that show that ever since they started the “No Bullying” programs there has been a decrease in bullying up to 45%. This is a big impact and not only will the change happen in one community it would happen country wide.There has been many other examples of strategies to try to stop bullying but none are as effective as this one.

No one is perfect but everybody’s wish is to someday be perfect. No one should wish to be perfect they should wish to be happy with themselves. Some fix there problems by going on diets,taking medicine,or even surgery but none of that is needed as long as you are satisfied with who you are. Being satisfied is the first step to end this horrific civil humanity.


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An Open Letter to an Author

Dear Chris Cleave,

I have currently finished reading your outstanding novel Little Bee.  Not only was this just a novel it was a piece of art filled with so many emotions,images,and tones. As I was reading Little Bee became a role model in my life. The way she had so much strength to in her tiny body keep on going with all the obstacles that came across her life. She has taught me that I need to have that same strength and motivation to keep on moving forward. To be able to treat every obstacle as a little stumble.  To always keep in mind of your loved ones. Most importantly to never bring yourself down think of yourself as the best YOU, you could ever be because there will only be one you in this entire world. We as humans need to learn to appreciate how much we can do instead of being scared and not taking risks. Every risk that is taken can change a person enormously.

I have currently came across a huge dilemma which I don’t exactly know how to respond towards it or what to do. I keep telling myself I am not good enough. Your weak.You have no potential to succeed. Little Bee has proved to me that I am strong and I do have the potential to move on. Not only because I’m human but because” we must see all scars as beauty”(9). My biggest scar is not being confident enough to want to try out for officer next year. Little Bee has encouraged me to try out, to take a risk for the 1st time in my life. My scar has turned in something beautiful the most magnificent scar because I will try out for officer. Even though if I don’t’ make it I did change something. I turned myself into a risk taker, a better person.

Little Bee has also made be come to realization that we can’t control our future even though most humans try so hard to be able to. Our story will continue till the day we are found in a coffin. “I could not stop talking because now I had started my story, it wanted to be finished. We cannot choose where to start and stop. Our stories are the tellers of us.  ” Little Bee just wanted to start a new life with her sister but her story has turned into something she was not expecting. I have learned to not expect my future. Always to keep in my mind my future will keep on going and it will always change. From positive,to tragic, to negative, and many other stages. I would like to give a big applause to you Chris Cleave for creating the biggest change in my life


Sincerely, Diana Marin

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