“Newspaper Reporter Ruins Company”

In the Unites States we have right to freedom;freedom includes the right to publish anything you wish. Other countries like China for example don’t have this right. A Chinese reporter by the name of Chen Yongzhou was arrested for exposing a company’s financial problems to the public. Chen Yongzhou had the right to be arrested for yellow journalism,doing it for the wrong reasons,and for not getting the company’s approval.

Chen Yongzhou was a journalist for the newspaper New Express. He wrote 15 articles accusing the engineering of Zoomlion of “financial problems” including enlarging it’s profits. What Chen didn’t know was that 20 percent is owned by the state.Yellow journalism is when a journalist exaggerates his stories Chen used yellow journalism to make his story more interesting. “He acted at the request of others” was his response to the situation that was going on. Yellow journalism brings many untrue issues to his case which has made him guilty.

Chen said there was a purpose for him doing all of this which was for “fame” an”money.” Him being ambition only caused him to end up behind bars. He admitted to “Seriously neglected it’s professional duties”  which caused him to be in this situation. People suggest the whole company should be shut down for him doing this. Chen did this on his own so he should be the one that should get all the blame. The company didn’t do it’s job by not reviewing the article as closely before releasing it.  Chen knew what he was getting himself into when he handed the article in.

Most journalist have the company approve them writing about there situation to make sure they aren’t exposing too much. Chen didn’t do this because he knew it wouldn’t be approved.  Lawyers now say ” the entire media is going to face some major cleansing” due to Chen article. They are going to help the company get its reputation back because of the harm they did to it. Also they are going to start issuing some new rules before the release a new article.

Freedom is earned  and you cant take advantage of it because then you end up behind bars. Chen had the wrong reasons for doing this which didn’t help his case much. He was being selfish instead of thinking of how it would effect other people. Chen is now going to pay for his actions.

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